Data Security

Students control data

Simple, clear settings give students full control over which aspects of their profile are visible to your approved employers. They can also opt in and out at any time.

100% Secure

Fully FERPA compliant

Flairboat is also partnering with leading privacy experts and security firms to lead the industry in responsible data stewardship.

Flairboat provides Institutes with Peace of Mind

Our unique employer screening technology helps keep your network safe. Flairboat takes careful measures to help lead the industry in continuous employer screening, data encryption, and full student control.

Industry-first “Employer Trust Score”

To help you mitigate the constant threat of fraudulent employers, Flairboat designed and built the first “Employer Trust Score” in the career services space. This Trust Score uses a powerful two-part validation system designed to identify and eliminate fraudulent employers and contacts before they join your network, making it easy to protect your students as they explore the job market.

An active community of experts

Flairboat makes it easy to see how many of your colleagues at other Flairboat-enabled universities have approved or rejected each company, letting you join the largest active network of post-collegiate employment experts in the country. Lean on your colleagues around the country as they identify and remove any fraudulent employers and contacts as a powerful collaborative team.

Industry-leading security infrastructure

Flairboat uses top-of-the-line security infrastructure at the software and network levels, to ensure that student data is always encrypted at rest, responsibly stored, and transmitted securely. This includes the use of TLS/SSL protocols, 256-bit AES data encryption, API call-level authentication, and modern DDoS mitigation controls.

Rigorous external audits and reviews

Flairboat participates in extensive security audits and external code reviews, working with top security firms from the financial services and healthcare industries. Our production infrastructure complies with various standards.

Secure single sign-on

Flairboat supports modern single sign-on (SSO) options, to ensure your students can enjoy safe, simple access to the platform from any secure identity or device. Our authentication process supports the following SSO protocols, among others: SAML, SAML 2.0, Shibboleth, LDAP, CAS, and TFA.

Security comes standard

Flairboat’s secure single sign-on, full encryption at rest, and encrypted data transfer solutions are all included in the flat price of subscription. Flairboat is the only career services management platform in the industry that offers all of these best-in-class security services at no additional charge.

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© Copyright 2023, Flairboat Pvt. Ltd.

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